Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Join Me in Silicon Valley

I am spending time in Silicon Valley this summer to better get to know the cradle of entrepreneurship.

I have been attending a number of events in the area to get to know the community and I am greatly looking forward to attending four different types of events hosted by the Silicon Valley Association for Start-Up Entrepreneurs (SVASE). Since its inception in 1995, the organization has been reaching and connecting thousands of entrepreneurs and executives.

SVASE is a partner of Young Inventors International; our members receive a discounted membership with SVASE and we are bringing the Learn from a Legend SVASE program to young innovators and entrepreneurs in Canadian cities.

If you happen to be in the Silicon Valley area and would like to check out a great resource for entrepreneurs, attend an SVASE event. I'll be at the following ones and would love to catch up, too:

July 25 Startup U - An exploration of issues that are relevant to the success of start-up ventures. This event will feature Jeremy Liew Of Lightspeeed Venture Partners, "Making The First Validating Sale For A Start-up! Featuring Real World Examples!"

July 27 VC Breakfast - A VC listens to up to ten entrepreneur elevator pitches and provides feedback. This event will feature Vanguard/ePlanet Ventures: "Focus On Internet, Communications, VOIP, And Semiconductors"

August 3 Main Event - Networking opportunities and a headliner speaker. The August 3rd topic is "Raising Capital For Early Stage Tech Companies – The Definitive Crash Course!"

August 9 CXO Leadership Forum - A roundtable discussion among 25 CXOs about topics of relevance to advancing their ventures. The topic on August 9: "Confessions Of A Marketing Guru: How Can Your Get What You Need From Marketing And Retain Your Rationality."

I hope to see you there!


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