Monday, May 08, 2006

Proliferation of Cleantech

I used to work for Cleantech Ventures. Recently, I met the judging chair of the California Clean Tech Open. Then, I found a blog by VC Rob Day about cleantech investing.

The support networks for cleantech growth are very exciting. Since some clean technologies are yet unproven, they may find challenges in traditional avenues for raising capital. Competitions and venture fairs can help to aggregate the many technologies in one area and thus help investors to review the diverse offerings in the space.

And even if cleantech is not a primary focus area of VCs, the investors may still find components of nanotechnology, IT, or health sciences that encourages them to invest. When I approached one VCat a conference for clean technologies, he said that he didn't think that the clean technology field existed as a stand alone field (at least not yet), but that he was at the event because cleantech encompasses so many different areas of potential investment.


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