Thursday, November 11, 2004

Innovators make the world go round...

Why do I care so much about innovation?

Because it makes the world go round! In innovation, there is potential for a better tomorrow - cures for cancer, preservation of the environment, creation of communities, an endlessness of possibilities.

In my lifetime, I think that the most significant contribution I can make is to facilitate the task of bringing new ideas into the world.

Of course, I run the risk that there innovations that are detrimental to the human race will be commercialized with the support of the organizations that I support. I think ths particular difficulty that faces every innovator - both in the technological and social sphere (recall Einstein's contribution to the atom bomb). The gravity of such a possibility does not escape me.

Still - perhaps in a somewhat ideological fervor - I think that there is so much potential for good in innovation that I am driven to support this cause.


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